Lamont Whisky

The Story

In the middle of the Salzkammergut , in the north of Gmunden, there is a Distillery located, called Lamont .

Already in the 18th century, alcoholic distillates  were created behind the walls of Kapuziner Abbey Gmunden. These fine art of generating Brandies has been passed down through generations. Once a day, in Ireland, a smart irishman has the idea, to steel a good recipe from their neighbors to make his own whisky. With his mistress Sophia Lamont, the irishman flet over the sea to the beautiful country Austria. In the middle of the Salzkammergut, they found the perfect place to produce their own whisky. There are great oak woods, great barley fields and springs flowing over granit. They met some friendly monks of the Kapuziner Abbey Gmunden. They provided the couple their cellar of the abbey for their distillery.

The distillery was named after his beloved Sophia Lamont. 1840 they created their first Single Malt Lamont Whisky.



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